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This is the Livejournal Community for the Baby-Sitters Club and company.

This journal is used in RPG Forever BSC.

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About This RPG:
The game takes place in present day, about two years after Friends Forever ends. It includes story lines from all the BSC books and spinoffs. The older BSC members are now seniors in high school, so most of them are 17-18 years old. The girls are at Stoneybrook High School, and the original four still meet as the BSC. This game picked up at the start of the 2005 school year in Stoneybrook, right after Labor Day weekend.

The game began on October 15, 2005.

How to apply:
applications are currently closed. information will be posted here on how to contact us if they open again.

In the title, please type "application".
In the body, please include the following:

٭ Who you are applying for. List three characters your would like to play, in the order you'd like to play them.
٭ Tell me a little about the character you'd like to play--what are their activities? who do they hang out with? what do they plan to do?
٭ Tell me about any plots you have in mind for them.
٭ Tell me know whose image you would like to use for your icons, if any. If you are stuck or don't care, I have some default faces in mind.
٭ Tell me your blog SN, if you have one.
٭ Let us know if you've been reading the RPG. It doesn't matter if you're up to speed on the game or not, but we're always curious.
* Please send us a sample of your previous RPing, or a sample paragraph.

The Game:
bsc_action: the action journal. Typically, one character will post and they/others will RP in the comments.
bsc_online: the home of e-mails and IM conversations/chats.
forever_bsc: the Livejournal community for the baby-sitters and their friends.
Character journals: private entries; not "seen" by other players.

For rules, see the first post in bsc_president. Please read it before applying. If you need anything clarified, send an email.

Available BSC characters:

Suggested secondary characters--must interact with 2 other main characters (may be adopted after the original 8 are played):

You may also apply for other minor characters. They must be of high school or college age during the current game year (right now, they would have to have been between the ages of 10-17 in the books). No once-mentioned or "throw-away" characters--they need to be important to the story, or at least frequently mentioned.

Taken characters:
Sue Archer suearcher
Pete Black pete__black
Erica Blumberg e_blumberg
Grace Blume touchofgrace
Robert Brewster robert_brewster
Logan Bruno louisvillelogan
Rick Chow rick_chow
Andi Gentile almostangelandi
Alan Gray alangray
Barbara Hirsch b_hirsch
Shannon Kilbourne shannon__k
Claudia Kishi claudia__kishi
Cokie Mason cokie__mason
Stacey McGill stacey__mcgill
Mia Pappas miapappas
Cary Retlin cary__retlin
Shawna Riverson shawnariverson
Josh Rocker josh__rocker
Dawn Schafer dawn__schafer
Trevor Sandbourne t_sandbourne
Mary Anne Spier mary__anne
Abby Stevenson abby__stevenson
Anna Stevenson annastevenson
Bart Taylor thebart_man
Kristy Thomas kristy__thomas
Sam Thomas sam__thomas
Dorianne Wallingford d_wallingford
Alex Zacharias alexzacharias