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7th-Sep-2007 12:58 pm - People, People, People
Now look, college has started, I get that everyone is settling in and getting busy with their lives at their colleges, but it's been far, FAR too quiet on these boards. So... I'm here to change that.

First off, the gnoming has begun, it's in the mail preparing to arrive to someone's home as I type this. So be looking in your mail for Dieter. And I swear if he comes back in multiple pieces....

Okay and to keep up with the insane tradition that I, Sam Thomas, your favorite Sam has started upon these BRILLIANT boards, I'm going to determine what 'Taco Bell Menu Item' you are. and I promise no one and I mean NO ONE will me called the gordita. Look it up, I promise I will not refer to you as that.

So WHO are you??? Reply and I'll tell you WHAT you are.
31st-Aug-2007 08:01 pm(no subject)
straight into the camera smile
Alright, it's almost the end of Summer and I want to know. What did you PEOPLE DO ALL SUMMER? Shout it out, let me hear it, even you in the back there. How did you spend your summer?

And if any of your college profs ask you that question? Feel free to steal someone else's answer if they did anything cooler than you.
23rd-Aug-2007 08:56 am - Party
whosyourdaddy, smug, cocky
Sup. As most of you know-- I don't post here alot, unless I have something to say-- so listen up, I've got something to say. It's the end of summer. It's been a damn good summer and this SUNDAY, I'm going to throw a party to celebrate it. So if you're in the neighborhood-- if you're not. If you're a friend of mine or Dori's or hell-- even if you're not, come to my house around 7 on Sunday night. It'll be huge-- I'm inviting our entire class- a little kick off to college before we all split.

And if you're wondering WHAT three things I have to celebrate, here goes. Let me break it down for you.
1) We're done with high school and summer-- we gotta kick some ass and shout our au revoirs.
2) I HAVE MY PILOT'S LICENSE-- HELL YEAH. If you want a flight, let me know-- if I like you, I'll take you up. Those of you who knew I was going for it, I did it-- Yesterday.
3) This Sunday marks one year of the best friendship I've ever had. Love you Dori-- and you and I are going to celebrate in style.

So come, bring a friend--or don't. Come ot my house and let's kick off Fall in style.

Oh-- and if you didn't know. I live on Edgerstone-- big house. You'll find it.
21st-Aug-2007 04:10 pm - Introducing my Gnome
Well I suppose it's my turn to post here again. And good people on my sister's board, I issue you a challenge. This next year is going to be filled with insanity and lots of being apart from one another and my advice to you is to make sure you cling to who you keep in touch with your friends.

Now, my second advice is always to play and play hard, so ... I'm going to issue you a challenge, a major one. But first may I introduce to you:
Noname Dieter the Gnome.

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20th-Aug-2007 12:03 pm - Happy Birthday Kristy
 May PLEASE have your attention? I just wanted to announce that:

Kristy Thomas is having a birthday today!

Let the celebrations begin!

18th-Aug-2007 02:10 pm - 19th
studying, computer


And take some time to read about how women in history worked and labored for us to have the rights we have today. That's all. Thank you for your time.
7th-Aug-2007 07:02 pm - Sweet!
naked joy
Here is is good people of Stoneybrook, two minutes past the hour of seven o'clock and I have nothing to do. I literally have nothing to do. SO I ask, as your local friend and all around good guy, that you provide me with a little entertainment. And in the tradition of Thanksgiving Dinner, Chinese takeout, and pizza delivery, I issue YOU a new challenge.

You see, I'm currently eating a Hershey's chocolate bar. And frankly, they are hands down the best chocolate bar there is. But I'm sitting here going-- I'm not a Hershey's Bar, if anything-- if anything I'm a bag of M&Ms. And that got me thinking about you. Yes, good people, I think of you often.

So post, reply, shout out to me, let me know who you are and using my special and most talented skill-- I will tell you what kind of candy bar you all. It'll be sweet!
2nd-Aug-2007 04:10 pm - Oh Pizza
naked joy
So tonight I ordered myself a Sam special for a pizza. It should be here soon by the way. And none of you are invited to come, it's mine and mine alone. Well except Anna-- and maybe Kristy since she lives here and all. But I got to thinking and pondering here as I stared at the menu that alot of y'all are very much like pizza toppings. And I think if any of you asked what kind you were-- I'd be able to tell you.

Like Kristy-- she's the sauce, cause what in the hell kind of fool gets a pizza without sauce. Some of you are teh cheese (yes, you-- I'm thinking of you) Some are the anchovies-- yeah. And some are the great pepperoni that everyone loves.

So tonight I'll wax poetic upon pizza topings. Anna-- you're pepperoni. A little spicey-- a little sweet-- and eveyrone wants a nibble.

Oh-- and in parting. What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar?
shades, betterthanyou, confident, cool
Listen up. I don't post here alot, so when I do it's because I have something important to say.

Dori Wallingford has one of the leads in a little production called "Once Upon a Mattress". And no it's not about an orgy or the story of someone's sexual encounters and yes, that pisses me off, but it'll be good anyway-- Dori's in it. The play is in Westport. So go and enjoy the show there. The play starts this weekend on Friday the 6th and the 7th. And the show's at 7:30. Then they'll be a show on the 8th @ 2:30. It's running through August 12th, but I don't know the other times, so ask her.

Everyone better come and show their support, Dori deserves it. Any questions, ask her or me and I'll get back to you.

Edit: Listen up, I know I give some of you hell-- but if you reply here with support for Dori, even if I hate you, I'm going to leave you be. Just know that ahead of time. Out of respect for Kristy and Dori, I will. Even if it kills me. This is about Dori, let her have her moment.
26th-Jun-2007 12:00 am - Happy Birthday!
Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an announcement:
Please Read the Following and Alert the presses because it's time to say:Read more...Collapse )
8th-Jun-2007 12:09 pm - Hello Roommates
Okay guys, promise me you won't shoot the messenger and I'm sure most of you guys receieved the letters in the mail this morning. But I thought I should post it up here as my one last duty as a student council member.

It's the listing of the rooms for Disney. I think most of us got signed up, but for those of us who didn't, the faculty randomly assigned rooms. So here you go and I will see most of you guys at the meeting on Monday night. What am I saying?!?! I'll see you tonight at the Senior Party! Congrats again everyone! I hope you had a good time celebrating last night.

And the list is: Read more...Collapse )
2nd-Jun-2007 02:56 pm - Swim, swim, swim
excited, joy
Swim, Swim, Swim!

I suppose you all are wondering what I'm doing with this post, but I am just letting you know that if you have anyone between the ages of infant to thirteen that is interesting in taking swimming lessons this summer, I have a few spots open. They'll be given privately at my pool, I'm CPR and life guard certified. I have refrences if any one needs them. The times and cost are all negotiable, so once you contact me I can get right to working it out with you.

So do you have a neighbor, a sibling, cousin, or friend who desperately wants the fun of swimming, but isn't sure where to go to learn, just call me. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line here or contact me with the info below! Have a great day you guys!

Drop me an email e_blumberg or a phone call.

Hope this is okay Kristy!
24th-May-2007 11:59 am - PARTY LIKE IT'S 2007
whosyourdaddy, smug, cocky
Dori wanted me to post this here, so here I am, posting it here. I hope you all listen up because I'm only saying this once. Prom is this weekend and it's time to bust out the shit load of fun. So Dori and I are throwing a little after party. We're having it at teh Marriot on the edge of town. I've reserved the ten rooms hta topen into the indoor pool and we're good to be there all night. Everyone is invited, bring your dates. And Dori wants to throw in a few words too.


And Dori, I know you're into stray collecting, but I'm not. But my gift to you this prom is this, you better be pretty damn excited
19th-May-2007 12:50 pm - An Announcement from The Gazette:
Good Saturday members of this message board. I'm posting on here to give you an announcement from The Gazette. Because the computer separates me from the idiots that I have to call classmates, considering half of you probably couldn't carry on a decent conversation if you were held at gunpoint. So keeping myself as far from that experience as possible, is my goal.

This next week the staff of The Gazette will be approaching any and all seniors in the hallways to ask you a very simple question. And the sheer irony that all you morons will be in your little outfits parading around like bloody fools isn't wasted upon me. I can't wait until I have to question Alan Gray in his Super Man under-roos or some shit like that. The hours and minutes are simply ticking by until I'm at a real school, but I'm going to miss The Gazette. Damn it, I can't get emotional. We will be asking you this statement:

Sum up your senior year in three sentences or less.

Reminder, any and all answers will be featured in the special senior edition of The Gazette and none will be kept anonymous, so make sure what you say you are willing to be printed. If you'd rather simply post here, I'll will take anything you want printed and mark your name off the list. And look, I'm not foolish enough to realize there won't be a ton of banter and all that crap on here, so if you want what you said printed, just post Here's my quote or some shit phrase like that in your comment.

Thank you for your time,

Emily Bernstein
The Gazette
18th-Mar-2007 01:25 pm - Happy Birthday Robert Brewster
warm smile, lovely, satisfied

I have a very special announcement to make today. I hope everyone is awake and paying attention to what I am saying:

Today, is an important day. Someone, very special is turning eighteen. And that someone is:


Happy Birthday Robert!!!

I hope this year brings you fun and happiness and all th
e joy your heart could wish for.

I love you and hope your day is wonderful.


15th-Mar-2007 12:30 pm - Official Poll for the Gazette
The Gazette is going to run a special issue on this week's blizzard. We are curious to see how the students in Stoneybrook handed the event. Please reply to this poll and comment below with any and all details. If you have an interesting story, that you think deserves to be features, let us know below as well. Thank you for your co-operation.

Emily Bernstein
Editor in Chief
The Gazette

And listen up you little morons. If any of you act stupid on this or give me a damn lie about where you were, I just won't have the strength to even deal anymore. Just co-operate and use your brains, for once. Thank you.

Poll #947305 Snowbound

During the Blizzard that hit our town on Monday, where were you at during the course of the event?

Your home
A friend and or family member's home
A public place
7th-Feb-2007 08:14 pm - Valentines Day Announcement
Hi everyone! I know you guys are all seeing the posters all around school, but I wanted to remind you of it here, since I know like half the school now at least lurks these borads. (We know you're watching! Yes we do, just reply or something, it's no big secret!) Anyway, some of you guys might know I'm in Foods in first hour. -- no rude comments about my cooking, got it?-- And we're doing a fundraiser for Valentine's day, which if you don't remember is one week from today.

Now guys? I know you're probably struggling to figure out what to buy your lady and girls, you know what the boys want, so let us help you out. For only $5. That's right FIVE dollars you can buy a very large heart shaped sugar cookie with whatever saying you want on it. It will be delieverd first through fourth hours on Wednesday February 14th Valentines Day !!! All proceeds are going to go to the hospital Auxillary, which is a great cause. So spend five bucks, make your sweetheart extra sweet and do a good deed!

Just see me or Mrs. Plowman to put in your order. Thanks guys!!!


And because I know Kristy will hijack this thread, because she's Kristy, she's cool and can do whatever she wants. Period. Got that? Okay.

But I'll beat her to it. Another idea for Valentine's Day is flowers. You all know how much people love love flowers. Well the student council is having a carnation sensation!

For just ONE DOLLAR you can buy a carnation for your sweetie, friend, teacher, or secret loooove. And we'll deliver them to the person 1-4th hours on Wed, February 14th. It's another great way to support the school. All money from this will go towards PROM 2007.

We have a table set up in the cafeteria from now until Tuesday the 13th, so stop by, fill out a card and let us know what kind of carnation you want! It's another great way to celebrate the big V-day.

Just so you know the colors and meaning of the carnations are as follows:
Red --- love
Yellow --- secret admirer
Pink --- friend
White --- teacher

So have fun guys and let me know what you think. And if you think love sucks and you hate Valentine's day, awesome, but don't shoot the messenger, thanks :-P

Edit: Kristy still hijacked the thread. Shoot. See the first reply for what I forgot guys. Sorry, but it's good and really worth your while.
25th-Jan-2007 02:07 pm - Random Sampling
Kristy Thomas and I are doing a joint collaborative effort for a series of articles in The Gazette. The topic of the articles in on friendship dymanics in high school. And the sheer irony of this series coming out when it is. Complete brilliance!

I'm posting a poll for all seniors at Stoneybrook High School to reply to. Feel free to comment below for more details. Seniors only, we all know underclassmen can't tell their heads from their asses, so no need to have them weigh in on their opinions.

-Emily C. Berstein
The Gazette

Poll #913968 Your view on what Friendship Means

In your basic opinion, what does friendship mean to you?

Someone to do activities with.
Someone who's like minded and of similar values
Someone who I can trust and talk to
Someone who goes in the same social circle as myself
Other (please specify in comments)

And none of this all of the above shit. Make a decision and stick to it. Come up with an opinion and back it up.
19th-Jan-2007 02:50 pm - Happy Birthday Baby
Happy Birthday Dori!

One of the most beautiful girls in the world is having her eighteenth birthday! She and the Olsen's are now officially legal. Line up and wish her well or I'll kick your ass. or hire someone to

Tonight Dor, you plus me and good times!
16th-Dec-2006 01:37 pm - lewis
hey y'all! most of you guys know my cousin lewis. he's come up and visited me a few times. well he's coming up here for our entire winter break. i'm looking to show him a good time, so if anyone wants to get together or hang out, the bruno boys are looking for some fun.

hope y'all have a great weekend and i'll see you on monday.
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